Old School 25" x 6.5" Fiberglass Skateboard Cruiser Complete Blue Swirl

  • $80.00

New old stock.  Good to very good condition.  Light surface wear from age/transportation/storage.  Counter sunk holes.  Old school drill pattern.  

Top and bottom layer are fiberglass with the middle constructed of wood.  The board has a slight curvature from front to back.

This deck was a competitor to the G&S  /  Deck in the longer 29" length and was quite the success as it incorporated the same fibreglass on the outsides with quality maple laminates sandwiched in between. Great flex, great control, and lightweight to boot. 

If you're looking for an original feeling slalom board without re-mortgaging the house, This is it and you'll love it. 


  • MPI Fireflex 25" x 6.5" Fiberglass Deck
  • Turbo 5.0 Blue/White Trucks
  • 60mm Baby Blue Cruiser Wheels
  • ABEC 7 Speedy Bearings
  • 1/2" Black Riser Pads
  • 1.5" Baby Blue Hardware

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